Kat Sauter

Girls in Tech

Some become educators because we loved school, others because we want to change it. The ever-leaky bucket of women in STEM has been a driving force in my career. From the success in tripling 9th grade enrollment in engineering pathway at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, to launching a girl-centered after school program as the STEM Coordinator for the San Antonio Independent School District, it continues to be my professional focus and my personal mission.


Throughout my journey I have developed a blended learning approach to STEAM education, based on maker philosophies. While currently scaling this pedagogical outlook district-wide, I have also designed makerspaces and model classrooms at the district level for the largest education bond in San Antonio history.

Transforming Space

“When the Ann Richards School was awarded a grant to transform an old shop classroom to a modern-day maker space, Kat Sauter accepted the challenge. New tools, big and small, were brought in and she taught students how to safely use them for their projects. It could have been a very chaotic process, but Kat made it seamless. She embodies the maker philosophy of tooling up, making plans, testing, learning through mistakes, and having the courage to create anything. She is a leader in the movement and an incredible asset to our school. ”

– Teri O’Glee | Executive Director | Ann Richards School Foundation

“The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover.”

Jean Piaget

I believe in empowering students by teaching them to use real tools.

I often tell students they have better ideas than I do, and it’s my job to help them realize their dreams.

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